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Carbon sequestration assessment and analysis in the whole life cycle of seaweed
Yushun Lian, Rui Wang, Jinhai Zheng, WenXing Chen, Lirong Chang, Cheng Li and Solomon C Yim
Environmental Research Letters, 2023, Volume 18, Number 7

Seaweed for climate mitigation, wastewater treatment, bioenergy, bioplastic, biochar, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics: a review
Mohamed Farghali, Israa M. A. Mohamed, Ahmed I. Osman and David W. Rooney
Environ Chem Lett. 2023; 21(1): 97–152.


Global seaweed farming and processing in the past 20 years
Lizhu Zhang, Wei Liao, Yajun Huang, Yuxi Wen, Yaoyao Chu and Chao Zhao
Food Production, Processing and Nutrition (2022) 4:23

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